Noria Quality Assurance Engineer

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


About our partner Noria:

Noria is aNordic technology and services provider with a global reach, who delivers insurance software, experienced consultancy and digital transformation for the financial services industry. For over 30 years, Noria has delivered core insurance solutions to captives, marine insurers and brokers. Our success is built on uncompromised focus on customer needs, continuous investments in product development and in-depth insurance domain competence in the B2B insurance segment. 

About us, Facilitated Work Hub:  

Facilitated Work Hub is a service provided by Outsourceit International AS, a Norwegian company operating for 18+ years with a subsidiary in Vietnam since 2007. Facilitated Work Hub provides long term employment solutions for developers in Vietnam with top companies in Norway and Northern Europe. Through us, highly experienced software developers in Vietnam get the opportunity to work long term and as a part of European companies. You will work for your European employer from our Scandinavian inspired hub in district 3, under Norwegian management, following Norwegian work culture and values.

Your Experience

Must have:

  • 1 to 3 years relevant work experience

  • 6 months experience in QA/Testing 

  • Experience in Python, Javascript or similar script languages

  • Innovative and Inquisitive

  • Good English to talk with co-workers in Norway

  • Independent and strong minded 

  • Ability to collaborate well with Senior Software Developers 

Individuals with no experience are welcomed to apply, but you need to show strong interest and knowledge in programming and QA.


  • Love to play  with computers and debug them

  • Experience with web programming

  • Experience with open source and Linux


  • Like to think outside the box

  • Is long term thinking

  • Self driven, not wait for someone to tell you what to do

  • Able to stay calm in panic situations 

  • Give ideas, suggestions, ask questions and discuss respectfully

Apply now in English and we will be in touch to chat through the role with you in more detail



Your Role

 Be part of Noria, where we view our colleagues as people and not as resources. Work in a very inclusive and welcoming environment.

As Noria ’s Junior Quality Assurance Engineer you will focus on inventing applications for the future. You have interest/ experience in programming but prefer to work with QA. Together with your QA co-workers in Norway you will create and train machine learning algorithms that predict the risk of any code change. You will collaborate with Senior Software Engineers in Vietnam. You will embrace new technology and learn why the name bleeding edge refers to blood. 



Your Benefits


1. Flexible working hours

2. Permanent Role/ Long Term Career

3. Be an integral part of European companies

Main Benefits:

  • Competitive Employee salary package 

  • Work united and direct with co-workers in Norway

  • Work with core products not software outsourcing projects

Other benefits:

  • Pick, choose and make your own benefit package

  • Select your own private health insurance

  • 13th month bonus, loyalty bonus & allowances

  • Negotiable annual leave days

  • Child Care package

  • One-on-one English and Norwegian training.

  • Annual Private Health Check up

  • Caring management

  • Virtual and In-person training & learning opportunities

  • Delightful workplace (free daily snacks and fruit breaks, weekly Happy Breaks, beers, lunches, foosball, table tennis  and more)

  • Variety of events- Enjoy happy breaks, overseas/domestic company trips, family day, celebrations, festivals and team building and much more

This is our Culture:

  • No Tricks, No Corruption & No Cheating 

  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking

  • Open and Transparent all the way

  • Focus on long term growth than on short term gains

  • Encourage employees to take initiative and give their best

  • Focus on improving 

  • An environment where you can make mistakes and learn

  • No hierarchy, employees give ideas and make decisions

  • Give and get respect

  • Workplace for experienced, hardworking and innovative people

  • Norwegian work culture with great emphasis on equality and employee happiness

  • Company focused on diversity and respect 

  • Socially Responsible Company that cares more about making a positive impact on the world than profit.