Azets Front-end Engineer

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Azets is an international industry-leading player in automation, digitization and cloud-based solutions. They are a large group with a total of 6,500 employees, and with this over 120,000 customers. With strong presence in the Nordic nations and other European countries. They focus on new technology and especially on cloud solutions, and as a Software Engineer at Azets, you will be involved in making important technical decisions about what the solutions of the future in Azets will look like.

About us, Facilitated Work Hub:

Facilitated Work Hub is a service provided by Outsourceit International Vietnam Co. Ltd. Facilitated Work Hub fulfills tech companies need for long term and stable resources, to develop great software products, through genuine and open international collaboration. This is not software outsourcing, but a premium service which hires, retains and unites top software engineers in Vietnam with our partners in-house team, so that they work as one unified team. All engineers work from our tastefully designed Norwegian hub, in a Norwegian work environment, where employee happiness is the no.1 focus. 

Your Experience

Essential skills:

  • 4 yrs + experience as frontend developer
  • Good knowledge of Javascript, TypeScript
  • Javascript framework Vue (Angular or React is ok)
  • Fluent in English communications to communicate with colleagues in Norway

Others skills that may increase your chance to join Azets:

  • UI/UX
  • StoryBook
  • Message Queue (RabbitMQ or equivalent)
  • Docker
  • Continuous Integration
  • SCRUM projects
  • GIT or equivalent version control system
  • Amazon Web Services or other cloud solutions
  • Devops experience


  • Is long term focused
  • Work dependently, but it is equally important that you are good team player
  • Give ideas, suggestions and  ask questions when you do not get it.
  • Good listener and is able to have a respectful discussion
  • Self driven, self-motivated and not wait for someone to tell you what to do
  • Curious, hardworking and attentive to details
  • Loves computers, technology and exploring new knowledge
  • Able to stay calm in panic situations

Apply now in English and we will be in touch to chat through the role with you in more detail.

Your Benefits

Main Benefits:

  • Competitive Employee salary package
  • Work united and direct with co-workers in Norway. 
  • Work with core product development not software outsourcing.

Other benefits:

  • Pick, choose and make your own benefit package
  • Select your own private health insurance
  • Opportunity to develop in your field
  • Great freedom to design your own everyday life
  • 13th month bonus, loyalty bonus & allowances
  • Negotiable annual leave days
  • Child Care allowance
  • One-on-one English and Norwegian training
  • Annual Private Health Check up
  • Caring management
  • Cash gifts for many occasions in your life, birthday, wedding, childbirth and etc
  • Opportunity to work across different professional environments and locations
  • Virtual and In-person training & learning opportunities
  • Spacious and Green office inspired by Scandinavian design
  • Delightful workplace (free drinks, free daily snacks and fruit breaks, weekly Happy Breaks, beers, lunches, foosball, table tennis  and more)
  • Variety of events- Enjoy happy breaks, overseas/domestic company trips, family day, celebrations, festivals and team building and much more

This is our Culture:

  • No Tricks, No Corruption & No Cheating
  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • Open and Transparent all the way
  • Focus on long term growth than on short term gains
  • Encourage employees to take initiative and give their best
  • Focus on improving
  • An environment where you can make mistakes and learn
  • No hierarchy, employees give ideas and make decisions
  • Give and get respect
  • Workplace for experienced, hardworking and innovative people
  • Norwegian work culture with great emphasis on equality and employee happiness
  • Company focused on diversity and respect

Your Role

You will be our permanent full time employee and be involved in making the important decisions for how we implement solutions in the future.