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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Do you know? Norway is....

1. One of the fastest growing tech start up hub outside USA.
2. Ranked as the world's best country to live in by the UN. 
3. Happiest country on the planet.

Don't just take our word, see for yourself here. 

Our working values:
Our values are deeply rooted in Norwegian philosophy, of equality, employee empowerment and importantly transparency. 

Why choose us?
You cannot choose your parents but you can choose your boss!  Or in our case no boss at all, we believe in servant-leadership!
If you truly want to be appreciated, feel important and love taking initiative and like to give and take respect this is the place for you. 

  • You have a real chance to be a natural part of the client’s company, be a real employee sitting elsewhere and enjoy true global collaboration

  • Direct communication and close collaboration with innovative technology teams in Norway.Work in an English speaking environment

  • Work with core product development and not outsourced projects. 

  • Work in a Norwegian inspired hub with Norwegian management.

  • Follow Norwegian work culture, based on flat hierarchy, where everyone is treated equally with respect, regardless of job titles, gender or ethnicity.

  • Have fun with all the team building events. (Company trip, Beer nights, Happy Breaks just to name a few…)

  • Develop your technical skills as well as your personal skills.

  • Have a real voice, we encourage our staff to give opinions, share ideas and thoughts.

  • Enjoy more freedom, gain higher ownership as there is no middle-man telling you what to do, your success is in your hands.

Our motto is Collective collaboration of global minds, we understand and value the importance of  diversity and how it fuels innovation, our workplace is for  people of all creed, colour and gender.